Cardiology Consult – This can be a face-to-face appointment or telehealth with your Cardiologist to discuss your condition or symptoms and identify next steps, or to provide you with results and discuss a management plan

Echocardiography uses ultrasound waves to create the image of your heart and it’s function, which we are able to measure and check non-invasively. It is safe, accurate and requires no preparation or fasting for the procedure. A transthoracic echocardiogram carries no risks. We will require access to your chest. There’s a chance for slight discomfort when the electrodes are removed from your skin. This may feel similar to pulling off a Band-Aid. This appointment requires 30 mins. For young children, parents are welcome to bring a toy or a show on a mobile device to keep them still and comfortable through the test.
Our tests are performed by highly skilled, experienced, accredited and compassionate technicians who are familiar with children.

ECG (Electrocardiogram) measures the electrical rhythm of the heart by attaching 10 stickers to the chest. This takes 5-10 minutes and gives us a digital reading.

Holter Monitor – This little box attached to 5 stickers on your chest will record the electrical activity of your heart for 24 hours. You will be able to do most of your normal daily activities, including sports. The only limitation is not to get the monitor wet (ie. No shower, bath or swimming). It takes 10-15 minutes to attach.

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